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Macramé puppets

After searching the web for some decoration for the Pandilleando backpacks, this and this, I run across these macrame puppets. It was love at first sight, they are so cute and so easy to make!!


With my daughter’s help, she cut all the leftover T-shirt yarn, I’ve made three of them in half an hour…



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Another backpack… for a princess…

When my daughter saw my son’s pirate’s backpack, she said she wanted one for her, but it had to be a princess backpack…. As they are a quick sew, I told here to wait a couple of days and she would have it… it has taken me longer, but here it is.


This time I have also used canvas for the body backpack and a cotton fabric with a fairy pattern for the pocket.

If you like the macrame puppy that I have attached to be bag, I will show it to you in more detail on an upcoming post.


This is the second time I take part on Pandilleando’s sewalong.

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The princess dress

At last it’s finished… not because it’s too much work but because my daughter is not able to stand still for longer that five seconds, trying the skirt to make the hem it’s been quite an odyssey.


I’ve not make a dress but two skirts and a body, this way it’s easy to put on and you can use it on other costumes. The below skirt is a circular skirt, you can find many tutorials on internet of how to draw the pattern, I have used this one. I’ve made it quite wide on the waist and with a long hem, this way we can use it for a long time.

The upper skirt is done with the same pattern, but dividing it on eight pieces instead of two. I have sewn the pieces and then I’ve placed an elastic cord along the seam, to get it creased. The fabric is similar to silk, my daughter came with me to the fabric store and she fell in love with it. I am not sure it can be seen on the photo be the upper part its quite bright.

I had planned to make all the body with the velvet fabric, but I was short on fabric… the pattern is a basic tee and the sleeves are made with a half moon on the upper part and a rectangle on the lower. I have sewn them together and place another elastic cord to get them creased. On the back I used some snaps, it’s more comfortable for her than a zip.

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A cape for my princess

This year my daughter is in the princess phase, so for this carnival I am sewing a princess costume, that I will soon show you, once it’s finished.

As on the afternoon it’s quite cold, I wanted to make a cape to keep her warm. After some internet research I found this post from “De costuras y otras cosas” with a pattern I liked and also on my daughter’s size, so I didn’t think it twice….


The fabric is a white furry fleece, that I found on sales on my village’s fabric shop, which I thought it was perfect for the costume’s cape. What I did not thought about was the incredible amount of furry it would let go when I cut it. I have been sewing for two days with the vacuum machine on my side, every time I cut anything I had to vacuum the table and the floor to minimize the sneezing 🙂

On the inner side I have used brown lining cloth that I already had at home. Right now it’s completely covered with white furry, I hope it will disappear with a couple of washes…

Look at the princess fastener that I had used, my daughter is in love with it!!