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Pink pants with frogs

It’s been some time since I made those trousers for my daughter, but I’ve not been able to make her a photo wearing them until now.


I was looking for a pattern somehow different that the ones I am used to sew, and this one, from the magazine ottobre 01/2004, was the perfect one.

The fabric is pink interlock and frog printed jersey. The huffs and waist are lemon cuff, it’s such a thin fabric that I had to use some elastic on the waist.


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Some trousers…

We have no pants for my son, two have holes, ones is full of green foxtail and some more are short…


I’ve been sewing pants for a couple of days, and I have taken the opportunity to try different kinds of pockets. Which one do you like best?

All the fabric is summer sweat-shirt and rib knit on pockets, waist and hem. The pattern is that same that I used here.

Now I just have to sew some for my daughter…

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Jack Sparrow pants

This year my son wants dress up as Jack Sparrow, he on the pirate’s class at school and he is quite obsessed with it. So I had no other choice than to investigate how to make a Jack Sparrow’s costume, not too expensive.

I’ve began with the pants, the base is the pattern of “basic pants”  from Dana of Made. I’ve sewn the pants as on the pattern and after I have  placed an square of fabric simulating the fly of the pants, which can be used as a pocket.


The fabric is brown flannel and the special touch are the buttons that look like old ones.


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I am taking part on another sew-along… this time Mi rincón de mariposas invites us to sew a sweatpants.


Both my children need pants, and sweatpants are the best for school-wearing. So I haven’t give it a second thought and I have started sewing. There are two patterns to choose, each one of a different size.

I have chosen the big pattern for my son, which is a 3-4 year old size, and I have made it a little longer, as he is 4 and a half years old. I think the original size would have done, as now the pants are bit too long for him. The fabric is sky-blue DBS fleece, yellow knit for the hem and waist and printed interlock for the knee-pads, all from the pantigana-shop.img_1506p

For my daughter I have tested the other pattern, the one with the circle on the bottom, on its original size. I have also used sky-blue DBS fleece this time also on the waist, with a ribbon inside. The hem is pink knit. As the pants look a bit dull, I have drawn a Hello Kitty on one of the legs, using transfer paper. This is my first time with this kind of paper, and I will explain you the experience on another post.combinat-xandall-kitty

Thought I have enjoyed sewing both patterns, I prefer the one with the knee-pads, specially for a girl… What do you think?

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Sewing for the little one

Some time ago I realized that the little one needed new clothes, the sweaters sleeve’s were short and the pants waist’s were too tight. She grows so fast….

Whenever my sons were more or less quiet, I used the time to sew a little, and after two weeks that’s the result: a couple of sweaters and pants.


They are both made from naii patterns, it’s the first time I use them and I have really liked the result. However, next time I will customize them a little: a drawing, a pocket, maybe even some knees on the pants, we will see!!