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Arorua dress

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I’ve been some days thinking about how to finish my Arorua shirt, the pattern from the Pantigana’s April MsMSW, I wanted to transform it into a dress and after sewing and unstitching several times I still did not  find the perfect fit… so I let this sewing apart for some time waiting for my inspiration…


Yesterday, I retook it and I realized the problem was that I’ve chosen a size that is too big for me, so I reduced it quite a bit and now, I like it!!!

The fabric is jersey, plain black for the body and printed for the sleeves. The neckline, huffs and hem are knit. It’s the first time I use foe for the pockets and I am quite dissatisfied with the result, I think it is too rigid.


Author: MonVid

Mare, companya, naturalista, modista, cuinera,... i moltes més coses que vaig descobrint...

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