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Backpack with zip


This week Pandilleando has organized a sew-along of a backpack with a zip.

Some months ago my oldest son broke his backpack so I had in mind sewing a new one for him. The only request he has made is that it should be a pirate backpack… he is in the pirates class at school and he is taking it seriously…

After rummaging on my fabric’s closet, I found an snippet with a pirate that I bought at some time ago. The other fabrics are canvas that I bought on a physical shop in my hometown.


For the handles I have used some cotton cord I had at home, the problem is that it was cut on short pieces and I had to knot a couple… It will have to do until I go to the haberdashery’s.

To cover the upper part of the zip, instead of bias I have used a piece of canvas with an ornamental stitch, waves and boats… sometimes I love using the extras of my sewing machine 🙂


This is the result, my son has loved it so much that he has not been able no wait until tomorrow to use it, we have taken it to the park this afternoon…


I love sewing this kind of backpacks because it’s a quick sew and the result is awesome!!


Author: MonVid

Mare, companya, naturalista, modista, cuinera,... i moltes més coses que vaig descobrint...

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