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I am taking part on another sew-along… this time Mi rincón de mariposas invites us to sew a sweatpants.


Both my children need pants, and sweatpants are the best for school-wearing. So I haven’t give it a second thought and I have started sewing. There are two patterns to choose, each one of a different size.

I have chosen the big pattern for my son, which is a 3-4 year old size, and I have made it a little longer, as he is 4 and a half years old. I think the original size would have done, as now the pants are bit too long for him. The fabric is sky-blue DBS fleece, yellow knit for the hem and waist and printed interlock for the knee-pads, all from the pantigana-shop.img_1506p

For my daughter I have tested the other pattern, the one with the circle on the bottom, on its original size. I have also used sky-blue DBS fleece this time also on the waist, with a ribbon inside. The hem is pink knit. As the pants look a bit dull, I have drawn a Hello Kitty on one of the legs, using transfer paper. This is my first time with this kind of paper, and I will explain you the experience on another post.combinat-xandall-kitty

Thought I have enjoyed sewing both patterns, I prefer the one with the knee-pads, specially for a girl… What do you think?


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