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Club wheat pita bread

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Since I saw this recipe of spelt pita bread I had in mind to test it with xeixa flour. Today I’ve found the time, and this is the result…


My kids have loved it so much that it has not lasted even an hour… that is, with home made chocolate spread.

The recipe is quite simple, and I have made almost no modifications.

Xeixa pita bread recipe

  • 250g of water
  • 30g of olive oil
  • 40g of rice syrup
  • 25g of fresh yeast
  • 470g of club wheat flour
  • 1 coffee-spoon of salt

I’ve made it with the Thermomix, but it’s easy to prepare it manually, Nuria from Cocinarte explains it quite well in his post. To make the dough we mix the liquids: water, syrup and oil, for 30 seconds at velocity 1 and 40ºC. We add the yeast and mix again for 30 seconds, same velocity and temperature. At last we add the flour and the salt and mix it for 20 seconds, velocity 6 and after we knead it for two and a half minutes.

After 30 minutes of weighting on a closed recipient, we make a ball and separate it in portions of 50g approximately. With the help of a rolling pin we make circles with a thickness of 3-4mm.

We cook it for 5-8 minutes at 250ºC until the pitas are browned. After taking them out of the oven we cover them with a weat cloth, this way the pitas will be soft.

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